Desk Illusion

Desk Illusion 1.1

Up to 100 virtual desktops on one PC


  • Allows you to create multiple working environments


  • Very heavy on RAM


Ever wanted to have up to a 100 desktops instead of one? Well with Desk Illusion you can do exactly that.

This allows you to freely, and easily group launching programs, by any criterion. There is an illusion, like you are working on a multiscreen system, where on every screen you are launching different applications. Deskillusion is a fast/functional and small virtual desktop manager with a simple interface that gives you the option of using an amazing 100 different virtual desktops (not that you'd ever want that many!). You can switch between them using hotkeys which you can specify manually. What's more, you can assign a name to each virtual desktop such as work, leisure, games etc so you know exactly what each one contains. You can create a virtual desktop simply by right clicking on any desktop screen and creating a new one. Deletion is similarly very easy indeed. You can even send windows between virtual desktops for example, if you want to merge one desktop with another.

If you feel like you're running out of desktop space, then Desk Illusion gives you the power to create as many workspaces as you want.

When you launch a lot of applications, you get many windows on your desktop and switching between them can become a pain.

Deskillusion allows avoiding such trouble, by increasing the number of available to you desktops, and giving you possibility to switch between them.

Desk Illusion


Desk Illusion 1.1

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    it's TINY and it works fast! i don't understand the above comment, that Desk Illusion is &quo...   More